Large size men's store

Large size men's store

Biggymans Clothing

Europalaan 935

1363BM Almere port

Tel: 036-8410310 or 06-24828515

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Opening hours

Monday: Closed (except by appointment).
Tuesday to Saturday: Open from 10:00 to 17:00.
Every last Sunday of the month: Open from 10:00 to 16:00.

Other Sundays: Closed (except by appointment)

Sunday opening 26 MARCH, WE ARE OPEN FROM 10:00 TO 16:00.

Want to come along in the evening hours, create a private appointment. You can do this by phone number 0624828515

Hospitality and service

In the shop of Biggymans Fashion we are always on hand to help you find the right men in our large sizes shop. We want you to join us feel comfortable and welcome you with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee or a glass of chilled water. We also have more spacious fitting rooms, a comfortable temperature and a lounge area with television where you are, between the passes by, just relax. For the store is free parking. You can pay in the following ways: cash, debit or credit card.

Loyalty shop Biggymans Clothing

Customers who are in possession of our loyalty will always receive 10% discount on the new collection (not on discounted items and basic items) Do you also have a loyalty for our retail demand for our store. In addition, we also hold special promotions for our loyal customers with a loyalty card, you like this newsletter, facebook, twitter and website regularly! Customers pass is only valid in our large size men's store

Private appointment

We offer the unique opportunity a private appointment outside regular opening hours to make. The large size men's store is at your disposal. This can be on a Sunday, Monday or in the evenings. If you wish, you can contact us and make an appointment.


Menswear bespoke, industrial and printing clothing

At Biggymans clothing you will find a wide range of large sizes, from size 2XL to 14XL. We sell sporty, stylish and classic clothing.

In addition to our wide range of men's, you can also come to us for work clothing in large sizes, to allow printing of your clothing or for specially tailored clothing.

Various suppliers we have a never-out-of-stock collection from which you can order various garments.


Suits / Costumes

Are you looking for a suit or costume, then you will definitely succeed in Biggymans Clothing. We sell custom-made suits, suits, trousers, jackets and wedding suits. A complete package you buy from as little as € 380, -.

We have several demo models and samples in our store, so come along if you are looking for a suit. We help you with the fitting of an appropriate costume or suit. Suits can be purchased at the store. The suits are made by the German family business Klotz, that makes all since 1949 quality suits and costumes.

pay attention

  • The assortment of the shop may differ from the clothing items in the store. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you to contact us prior to take to ascertain whether a specific product is available in our store.
  • With the original purchase receipt, you can return or exchange clothing. Upon returning to the store, you will receive NO money. For discounted clothing items we can give back any money, but you will receive a voucher worth the purchase price.
  • On Sunday, there can be no use of the loyalty card or action coupons, unless stated in the action!

Large size men's store with the lowest prices!