Payment Methods

Pay in the shop can come to us through PayPal, bank transfer, PayPal, AfterPay, Billink, Visa / MasterCard or cash on delivery. For iDeal payments we charge no extra cost.

Payment must be made in name Biggymans Clothing quoting ORD number.
IBAN: NL86RABO0304404101

Payment on account: Companies can place orders on our website on account, this order must then be paid within 14 days after receipt of the clothes. Please note that this payment method is only for companies, individuals orders are automatically removed and DO NOT ship! For this payment method get € 5 euros administration fee calculated on top of the total order.

AfterPay: Via Afterpay pay gives you the opportunity to pay for your order after delivery of the goods. Mind you, AfterPay arrange this service. Payment must be made at Afterpay within 14 days after the invoice date. Customers who order first digital invoice, up to a maximum of € 150, - order. If you frequently ordered via AfterPay, you can up to € 400, - order. For this service is € 0.95 handling fee per order will be charged.

Billink: You can place an order with us you have to pay after delivery of the ordered products. At the checkout page please select the payment option 'Billink.

To pay by 'Postpay' We have details from you that we do not require you to other payment options. These data will only be used by our payment partner Billink to check that your request for 'Postpay' is accepted. Upon acceptance we will take your order directly into treatment and we will send it to you according to the times given.

You will receive an invoice Billink. The invoice must be paid within two weeks after receipt of your order to be fulfilled Billink.

Credit card: Payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) will give you a return policy of 14 days. Returns must be returned in original condition. On our page 'Shipping & Returns' tells you how to register a return. For online payments via credit card we will charge 3% of the total amount per order.